Traveloggia SQUIRT wp7 app Illustrated Guide


This is it! Set sail on the adventure of your dreams…

Get the App

Login Page


facebook oauth login screen
Either use an existing facebook account


Traveloggia Login, email and password
or create a Traveloggia account, by entering an email address and password

Map Page


Map Page with map name in gold at the top
Arrive at the Map Page after logging in. A default map is created, named according to the date.

Add a Location (two methods)


Moon and Stars icon Current Location Button

Current Location:

tap Stars and Moon button


search button

Searched Address:

  • tap search button
  • enter address
  • tap ship button – IT SAILS!

Save Location

Anchor Button equals Save Location

tap anchor button ( saves most recently added location )

Details Page


Edit Details Page
Enter contact info,comments. Tap save edits

Add Photo


tap sun button on app bar, to launch camera, available from all pages

Album Page

Image will appear on just taken panel of Album Page.
Tap the ellipsis menu.

Share Photo and Location

Share to Traveloggia map:

Select a map to upload the
currently selected location and photo to. (revisit the website
and check it out, copy the link at the bottom of the website
and share the map)

Share to Facebook:

the photo will be posted with a link to
the traveloggia website displaying the location and photo.

Map List Page

Navigate to Map List Page

to access the Map Page, tap islands app bar button, or back button

from the Map Page tap the ships steering wheel button to access the Map List page.

Select a Map

select a map to download, by tapping the down arrow button.

redirect to map page, downloaded map loads

Make a Map

Visit the traveloggia website to create a map


Illustrated User Guide for Traveloggia Web


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