Map Making website Traveloggia


Make a Map

Name the map

  • Click New Map Tab ( top menu bar)


  • Enter the name of your map and press save

Add a Location ( two methods)

  • Click the anchor button, the cursor is now enabled to drop a pushpin on the map wherever you click next. Zoom the map and add a push pin.

  • Type an address or place name into the search box and click the search button , a pushpin will be added automatically.

Add a Photo

  • Click the sun button ( labled add photo) Also available on the Album Page ( click Album View Tab)

  • Drag one of more photos from your hardrive into the left upload area, or click the select files button and choose an image file from the the file list

  • Click upload, you will be prompted to visit the album page when the upload completes

Add Info

  • On the Map View page, in the upper right corner, click the (tiny) pencil icon. This puts the info panel into edit mode enter any descriptive text you need and click save.

  • On the Album View page click the pencil icon under the image to enter edit mode to add a caption, then press save.

Repeat steps above to add more locations and photos to your map.

Get the App

Import your maps to Traveloggia wp7 app

Traveloggia Squirt

Illustrated User Guide for Traveloggia Squirt


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