Traveloggia Beta live


web and windows phone 7 application 

feel free to add a map, for now, no login required

Traveloggia What Is It?

Create your own maps, add photos to a location. Upload photos from windows phone 7 automatically geo-tagged, or click on a map location from browser and add existing photos and information.  

Prepare for a trip and view it on your phone, go on the trip and add to your album as you travel and take pictures.  Discover a wonderful new place and be able to find it again, by saving the location to a map, with a click on your phone.

Share your trip with friends online.

Why Traveloggia?

1. The original idea evolved while preparing for a trip to Italy last year,
and also while organizing photos afterwards, trying to remember what they were of.
I did alot of research and wanted a map of the places I had decided to visit, with maybe a blurb including the exact address or phone number and a thumbnail.
Most of what I wanted to do was possible with google maps, but it was incredibly awkward to use.

2. Windows phone 7 appeared and now there is a programming api I can use to geotag my photos.  If I dont quite remember what I photographed, I can match it up to the map and see.

3. Its a demo. Past clients include the US Navy and the NYC Dept of Transportation, however there is nothing publicly available to prospective employers and recruiters. 

4. Technology evangelism.   Silverlight4, Bing Maps, Azure/S3 storage, Windows Phone 7 for starters… much more is planned.

5. Proof of concept.  Just maybe, someone else might find the application useful and be interested in developing it as a product.  It could be used by real estate agents for example.

Traveloggia WP7 App


Start by launching a map.  One you created in a web browser or on the spot with the phone.  Click to save your current location.

Take a picture and it will be uploaded to Traveloggia website. You can view the map and photos either on the phone or in a browser.

You may want to enter locations from the phone on the fly or plan your trip ahead, using the web app. 

Either way, you can share a link to your map with friends or even let them add to it.

Possibilities are endless you could publish a geo rss feed of locations on a regular basis that could have subscribers.  Im thinking of contacting Daily Candy…

… you’re going to Rome, I know this great gelato place.