Papagayo WP7 Translation App



The concept is a no brainer, with the new Bing Translation api. ( including text to speech) As usual microsoft is playing catchup with Google, neither is perfect.

This is the google rendition:
If you want to dance, Mr. Count,
my guitar will, yes,

The collective translation memory ( aka collaborative translations)  is, I think, a very interesting concept.  Google allows users to submit an alternate translation, which is then evaluated by “them”.  Microsoft proposes something even more interesting.  A local translation memory arbitrated by the owner of the website.

The feature is available “by invitation”

Papagayo name stolen from a very local spot

“Users can edit/select or report the automatic translations to better fit the content and site owners have final say in picking the best translation for their content. Users in a community help other users and the community owner, and one community helps another community as sentences repeat. The APIs enable any developer to take advantage of the power of collaboration, and can tap into the wisdom of their crowd(s) across multiple scenarios.”


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